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We provide companies and government organizations a superior and cost-effective methodology for managing the performance costs, health concerns and safety issues surrounding the hundreds of millions of workers worldwide involved in shift work.

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PRISM and you

  • Sceintifically Proven
    Published by Anneke Heitmann, PHD, Awake Institute - June 4 2012

    During 2012 PRISM has been the object of a scientific evaluation aimed at measuring its real benefits. The results are in: PRISM WORKS!

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  • The challenge for 24/7 operations.
    The highest rate of industrial accidents occurs in shift work populations. PRISM can help by preventing the causes and mitigating the risks associated with fatigue.


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PRISM could have prevented...

Challenger Shuttle.

Decision maker not sleeping for 20 hours.

Exxon Valdez.

Third mate working double shift.

Three Miles Island.

Control room operator working 7th consecutive night shift.